Challenging The Challenger Sale

Challenging the Challenger Sale

What is The Challenger Sale? The Challenger Sale is a great concept. It is described in a book with that name , brilliantly authored by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson. Before reading their book and being exposed to the concept, as a long time sales leader, I always considered that the best sales reps are…

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Christmas Break, A “Confectioners’ Truce” or “Trêve Des Confiseurs”

Regardless of your political view, you would agree with me that 2017 was a year of division in many countries. Let’s put our differences aside and come together for a joyous and peaceful holidays season. A French anecdote which is at the origin of the expression “Trêve Des Confiseurs” or “Confectioners’ Truce” is one to recount…

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Meddic: Urgency, Value, Pain

Growth Hacking Enterprise SaaS Sales

A version of this article was initially published on Venture Beat in 2 parts. Growth Hacking Enterprise SaaS Sales What’s new in Sales? You have heard many examples of successful growth hacking techniques mainly used in BtoC websites, social networks, and marketplaces. Facebook, Twitter, and Airbnb have great stories about how they hacked their growth.…

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