MEDDIC / MEDDPICC® Courses Pricing For Individuals & Corporations

You can choose our MEDDIC / MEDDPICC courses pricing to be a one-time purchase or subscription. By default most of our courses are presented as subscriptions (with the 2nd and subsequent years at a fraction of the 1st year price, and cancellable any time). We believe you should never stop learning and we update and enrich our courses regularly with new content.

But don’t worry; if you want to make a one time purchase, you can just cancel the subscription to avoid renewal. You can do so even immediately after you pay. You will still have one year access to the subscription content. Read more about why we recommend subscription, and how to easily cancel the default renewal after purchase here, in the FAQ.

Below you can see our comparison table of our MEDDIC MEDDPICC courses pricing with more explanations if you hover the mouse on some texts, and a link at the bottom of each column to the course sales page.

  • choose your course

  • Modules

  • 15 minutes course teaches MEDDIC high level and lets you see the platform and the instructor in actionMEDDIC General Overview
  • Mini Quiz
  • LinkedIn Badge
  • Metrics
  • Economic Buyer
  • Decision Criteria
  • Decision Process
  • Paper Process
  • Identify Pain
  • Champion
  • Competition
  • Full MEDDPICC Quiz
  • Full MEDDPICC Certificate of CompletionMEDDPICC Certificate
  • Transform your metrics into a ROIROI pitch
  • Learn how to Identify, Connect with, and Test your championHow to build champions
  • An Exclusive Concept by MEDDIC AcademyThe VALUE Triangle
  • Why, When and How to say noSay NO To Qualify & To Close
  • a tool to help you assess your opportunitiesMEDDPICC Score Calculator
  • Sample EB letter, Samle email to say No.Email templates
  • Advanced MEDDPICC Certificate of CompletionMEDDPICC Certificate
  • Sales Managers learn how to coach sellers within the framework of MEDDPICCCoaching Sellers
  • Sales Managers learn how to inspect within the framework of MEDDPICCDeal Inspection
  • Remember, MEDDPICC is not a process, but you need one.. Learn how to build your own sales process. Build A Sales Process
  • Learn how to collect customer metrics to share with your teamCollect Customer Metrics
  • One hour, time limited, written test , required for the certificationWritten Test
  • 30min t60 minutes oral test/ interview to validate certification.Oral Test
  • If the exams are successfully passedMEDDIC Certified Trainer
  • A Leadership course for CROs, Sales Directors, and Startup CEOs to learn how to hire, build teams and optimize them. This course works with any sales methodology, and is not related to MEDDPICC.Building Sales Teams
  • Hiring A-Players
  • Developing Coaching Empowering Sellers
  • Optimizing sales teams

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Startups or teams of 10 users or less can also order online. We offer all the above plus vILT (Virtual Instructor-Led Training) with a session at a mutually acceptable time with your team. For smaller teams you can order the courses and the workshop here.


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For larger sales teams, from 11 to thousands of reps, we have years of international experience to offer. Having trained global teams at , Oracle, AWS, Google Cloud, Automation Anywhere, Couchbase, IHS Markit and many more, we offer a wide variety of service; all the above courses, vILTs (aka virtual instructor-led trainings), in-person workshops and training, coaching, deal review sessions and more. Please reach out and tell us more; your team, their locations, the number of reps, number of managers, etc. We usually get back to you same day.

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