More International Courses Released Today

MEDDIC Academy Releases More International Courses Today

Today we released three more french courses online:

Building Champions or “Comment développer des champions?”

In another course, entitled “CHAMPION” which is part of the MEDDIC bundle you learn who the champions are and why it is so important to know them and work with them.
This course, not part of the original MEDDIC, is an additional course which focuses exclusively on building champions.

  • Analyzing the champion’s profile
  • How to:
    • identify potential champions
    • qualify them as being champions
    • develop them to become champions
    • test them

Handling Objections or “Comment Traiter les Objections?”

95% of sales persons don’t handle objections properly. Most sales people naturally feel somehow attacked and react by defending their product or their solution. That’s a wrong approach.

During this course we learn a proven method applicable in any sales process from an inexpensive consumer product sold in the street up to a multi-million dollars contract. When you understand the mechanism of a proper objection handling and manage to make this process a habit, then you’ll close most of the deals thanks to a client objection.

Attend the course now and learn!

Return On Investment Pitch or “Comment analyser et presenter le ROI ?”

Non-financial reps learn how to leverage the value of a product/service to shorten the sales cycle, justify the price, avoid discounts and create a sense of urgency and a compelling event –> “When you don’t buy my product, you lose money each day”.

A good ROI pitch delivery helps to:

  • Justify your pricing
  • Avoid discounting
  • Shorten sales cycle
  • Create a sense of urgency and the real compelling event

You can find all our French language courses here.

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