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Darius Lahoutifard

Darius Lahoutifard, the driving force behind MEDDIC Academy, stands as a best-selling author, Serial Entrepreneur, and former Executive at industry titans such as PTC and Oracle, among others. His last venture, Business Hangouts, a Google G Suite live broadcasting app, was acquired within just three years, boasting millions of users.

Darius started as a robotics engineer before making a remarkable transition to sales, where he consistently excelled, leading to his rapid rise into management roles. At the young age of 28, he became the CEO of a Schlumberger subsidiary, managing a $10M business.

Despite his corporate success, Darius’s true passion lay in tech startups. At PTC, he led his unit from $4M to $27M in three years, with a team of 150, all within the fiercely competitive French market dominated by Dassault Systèmes. PTC outperformed its rival in its home territory. It was during this time that Darius, together with other Sales Leaders at PTC, built the foundation of what is now known as MEDDIC and MEDDPICC sales methodologies.

Post-PTC, Darius founded four startups (Enterprise Software and Internet companies), achieving two successful exits. He also contributed to the success of established companies like Agile/Oracle and Think3.

Darius’s zeal for SALES extended beyond MEDDIC; he often played the role of the first salesperson, wooing both customers and top talents, securing approximately $20M across five rounds of funding from investors.

Darius holds a Master of Science in Robotics Engineering from Ecole Centrale de Paris, ranked first in the entrance exams. He also earned a Certificate in Organizational Analysis from Stanford University, is a patent holder, and a published author. He has guest lectured at the University of Washington in Seattle and the National Defense University in Washington D.C. Familiar with six languages, Darius has worked globally, residing in California since 2009.

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