What is MEDDIC?

MEDDIC , is the most renowned Sales Qualification Methodology, applicable to any Enterprise Sales Process which is rather complex. MEDDIC may be referred to as the MEDDIC CHECKLIST, or even MEDDIC SALES PROCESS (imperfect).

Learn more about MEDDIC, with its variants MEDDICC and MEDDPICC here.

What does the acronym MEDDIC stand for?

  1. Metrics: Quantification of the potential gain and ultimately the economic benefit
  2. Economic Buyer: Interaction with the person who has decision control on the funds for the PO
  3. Decision Process: Process defined by the company to reach the purchase decision
  4. Decision Criteria: Criteria used by the company to make the purchase decision and choose among options
  5. Identify Pain: Actual pains at the company which would require your product/service to be relieved
  6. Champion: Powerful & influential persons at the company, who are favorable to your solution

The level of knowledge, control and progress of each of the above elements in a specific account provides the sales person with a CHECKLIST, easy to use and remember. The review of the MEDDIC CHECKLIST will result in an objective assessment of the level of qualification in the sales campaign and the degree of confidence for the sales forecast. The unchecked elements on the MEDDIC CHECKLIST will point the sales team to the right actions in the account which will lead to closing that deal.

What’s the benefit of using the MEDDIC Checklist?

  • + Monitors the level of qualification/progress of a deal
  • + Self assessment by each sales person
  • + Leads to the next sales activity during the sales campaign
  • + No Discount needed to win a deal
  • + Creates real pressure from the client side instead of trying to use your quarter-end as a compelling event, in vain
  • + Improves accuracy of sales forecasts
  • + Increases revenue through sales efficiency thanks to better qualification
  • + Reduces costs thanks to early disqualifications of the deals that are not winnable
  • + Creates common language within the sales force

How Can We Implement the MEDDIC Methodology Within Our Sales Force?

We train your sales force starting with as short as a half day training & workshops, in-person or through state-of-the-art yet accessible distance learning methods. We also offer to coach your team through ongoing weekly sales meetings until MEDDIC becomes a habit. We offer a large spectrum of both modern and traditional tools and media to train your teams. Check them out here:

  • + Learn the methodology through our famous self-paced eLearning: Online MEDDIC Courses.
  • + Train your first line sales managers to coach their teams and inspect deals under MEDDIC: here.
  • + Practice MEDDIC in VILT , Virtual Instructor-Led Training & Workshop: Join the next virtual workshop one here.
  • + Call on us to train your teams with In-Person Training & Workshops: Contact us.
  • + Learn more about the Blended Learning Experience: Here.
  • + Get certified with our unique MEDDIC certification for Sales Enablement Managers: Get  MEDDIC Certified™
  • + Learn how to deploy MEDDIC at your next Sales Kickoff: Here.
  • + Read MEDDIC-The-Book an AMAZON Best Seller: ALWAYS BE QUALIFYING

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