MEDDIC Frequently Asked Questions

All the questions you have in regards with the MEDDIC Sales Qualification Methodology that you never dared to ask.

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All the questions you have in regards with the MEDDIC Sales Qualification Methodology that you never dared to ask.

*** This page is still Work-In-Progress. Please reach out with your questions and let’s collectively enhance it. Thanks.

MEDDIC FAQ 1 : Champion says “EB won’t meet with any vendor at the early stage of our buying process.” At the same time, we want to decide if we should invest in this sales campaign. Do we need to meet with the EB ourselves, or the Champion’s statement is good enough to check the EB box in MEDDIC checkbox?

In most cases if the Champion refuses to take you to the EB, high chance they are not your champion. But sometimes it’s more complicated than this and you need to be smart about it or you may pull out of a great opportunity by applying MEDDIC in a wrong way.

First, meeting with the Economic Buyer (aka EB) is absolutely a must to secure the deal, make it bigger and close it sooner. However, this frequently asked question here is specifically about meeting the EB early in the sales process:

In 90% of cases the Champion should take us to the EB, even in the early stage. In some rare cases, the EB just does not meet with vendors. For instance at the beginning of a purchasing process at a large enterprise that is talking to 6 competitors, the EB may want to avoid meeting every vendor and only meet with the 2 finalists at a later stage. Yet we still need to :

  • Identify the EB
  • Assess/Estimate his/her max $ authority
  • Assess the champion’s relationship to the EB and make sure he/she has DIRECT access to the EB
  • Gather information from partners, champions, coaches about the EB’s goals, pains, and previous decision making habits in similar cases.

Also the Champion’s reason for not taking us to the EB should make sense. Most importantly, the champion needs to have passed our “tests”. Refer to the section about “How to Test the Champion” in the MEDDIC Course. If the champion has already proven to be one, has changed some decision criteria in our favor or a few other tests proving that he/she is a solid champion, and he/she insists that there is no way we can meet the EB at this stage and promises a later meeting with EB, then based on our judgement we may decide that the EB box is checked at this stage and keep going and avoid pulling out of a great opportunity.

MEDDIC FAQ 2: Sales Rep: “70% of my pipeline is composed of RFPs where the Decision Criteria is already written, and they are not written for us. I can’t just pull out of them or I lose 70% of my pipeline”

If they are not for you, and can’t be influenced/modified, not only you can pull out, but also YOU HAVE TO! You need to prospect more and get into the accounts before they start writing RFPs. You need to “help them” write those RFPs. Very often, if you are not involved in writing the RFP and you receive it by email (or even through the mail) as a first contact, then high chances you would be wasting your time with those RFPs. If this is frequent in a team (Government Sales for instance), it means that the sales and marketing is not efficient in influencing the market. It shows that you, as a rep, are not prospecting enough. My advice: stop working on that “bad RFP” and spend that time prospecting new deals.

MEDDIC FAQ 3: Is MEDDIC ACADEMY only offering online courses or we can get in-person trainings?

We offer both online, offline (in-person, face-to-face) trainings, as well as Coaching. More on our services here.

MEDDIC FAQ 4: Do we receive a certificate after completing the courses on MEDDIC Academy?

Yes, upon request we’ll deliver a “Certificate of Completion” to anyone who has successfully completed the courses.

Please note this is not a certification since we don’t control the level of knowledge and the sales skills of the students at this point.

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