Announcement: MEDDIC In-Person Sales Training & Workshop in Los Angeles

Meddic-Training & Workshop

MEDDIC Training & Workshop, In-Person, Los Angeles

The event starts at 9:30 am with a MEDDIC Training until noon. The training is an interactive session covering the 6 elements of MEDDIC in details.
The Workshop is organized in the afternoon, after a lunch break. The workshop is a collective and highly participative work session answering a series of questions asked by the facilitator. The take-away is a list of written questions for each participants to ask their prospects/clients during a sales campaign helping them qualifying their deal. This is the power of MEDDIC: Practical, concise, efficient.

If time permits, one or two additional modules of our Extra-Meddic Online Curriculum will be included (such as Objection Handling or The ROI Pitch), but no guarantee.

The event ends around 4 pm.

Copies of slides, as well as a Certificate of Attendance will be emailed to attendees after the event.

Have questions about MEDDIC Sales Training & Workshop by MEDDIC ACADEMY? Contact Darius Lahoutifard


MEDDIC is the result of the Sales, Management and Qualification techniques developed and practiced at PTC (aka Parametric Technology Corp.), a company recognized as one of the strongest sales cultures in the context of Enterprise Software (now SaaS). PTC experienced over 40 quarters of continuous growth during the 90s. Darius Lahoutifard, Founder of MEDDIC ACADEMY, who is facilitating this training,  was a key member of the initial Global Sales Management team at PTC who developed the best practices of MEDDIC in the field, before PTC training managers at the headquarters were asked to put them together in a formal practice course for new hires. Darius took PTC Southern Europe from $4M to $27M in 3 years, beating the main competitor, Dassault Systemes, in their own fiefdom. He naturally contributed to the elaboration of MEDDIC and later practiced it in his career including his sales leadership roles at THINK3 and Agile/Oracle among other companies.


Posted on June 26, 2018 in MEDDIC, Sales, Sales Methodologies, Sales Training

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Darius Lahoutifard, founder of MEDDIC Academy is a Serial Entrepreneur and a former Executive at PTC and Oracle among other software companies. His latest company was Business Hangouts, a Google G Suite live broadcasting app, with millions of users, acquired within 3 years. He is interested and writes about entrepreneurship, startups, technology, enterprise software, SaaS, Sales Leadership, Management, Sales & Leadership Education including specifically the MEDDIC methodology, Marketing, Market Research and more.

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