12 Reasons Why Sales Leaders Need A MEDDPICC Training Now!

Reasons why MEDDIC

Why a MEDDPICC Training now? Sales leaders are usually conscious of the continuous need for training for their teams. However, they don’t necessarily see the specific issues and challenges they face every day, which could be resolved with our educational programs here at MEDDIC Academy. So how to know if there is an urgent need? Here’s a list of symptoms showing your team needs help NOW.

1. Your sellers come to you often to ask for an exceptional discount for a customer.

They don’t sell value. Instead, they are selling a price. They tell you the prospect has the choice between two possible vendors and that the other vendor has made an attractive offer. “We need to discount at least 30% to be considered for purchase,” they tell you. They even tell you: “… I worked hard on this deal, brought it this far, now if you want it, you need to give a good discount for us to win.” You feel the weight of the deal on your shoulders. If you lose the deal, it’s because of you and your unwillingness to discount.

2. Your team believes they are applying MEDDPICC because they have checked all the boxes in the CRM system with the new MEDDIC flavor added to it.

You were told by some people that MEDDIC helps and that automation is critical. You believe that you need a framework, a process, and, most importantly, tools to support these. So you went on the SalesForce App Exchange marketplace, found a fantastic MEDDIC tool, and purchased and added it to your CRM. Your team checks boxes and the MEDDIC scores on your CRM are unique! You had a mess; now you have an automated mess with beautiful radar charts showing how safe your deals are.

3. Your sellers rarely ask for your calendar to set up a meeting with a prospect’s CxO.

You haven’t been meeting with your prospects’ CxOs in a while. The last time you had such a meeting, you were the one who set it up because you happened to know that CxO well.

4. Your sellers are nervous when talking to the client’s procurement or legal people

The purchasing manager tells your sellers that the users have given them a list of two possible suppliers to choose from. They say that both solutions are technically acceptable, and based on the price and terms, the Procurement Director will make the final decision. Your seller crosses his fingers.

5. Deals slide to the next quarter as often as it rains in a rainforest.

Your team member’s forecasts are unreliable. The prospect sends your team an email saying, “Unfortunately, we’ll need to postpone the project to next year. This project is not a priority.”.

6. Your sellers don’t sell; they are order takers; they get bought.

You have a great product, great marketing, fantastic branding, and are flooded with inbound calls. When the customer is ready to place an order, your sellers are great in helping take the PO. They don’t influence or change anything.

7. Your sales engineers complain about having to run 2nd/3rd demos/POVs for the same prospects.

After running the POV (or the POC), the prospects mention some aspects have been omitted, and you need to run another one. This happens quite often.

8. Your prospects claim they no longer have the budget to purchase.

The deal is in the “commit” forecast for the 2nd quarter in a row; the prospect sends you an email saying, “Unfortunately, we’ll need to postpone the project to next year since the budget allocated for this project is no longer available.” Your seller considers this is a legitimate case where nothing can be done. If there’s no budget, then they can’t buy, right?

9. Your Champion explains why the Economic Buyer never meets with vendors.

You asked your AE/AM to get a meeting with the EB. They asked your so-called “champion.” The champion replied that they could meet with you but that the EB never meets with the vendors.

10. Your Prospect changes decision criteria, reducing your chances to win.

You are selling a SaaS CRM solution, competing with an on-premises offer. Although the prospect was only looking for SaaS architectures initially, they inform you that they have changed their mind and now consider that on-premises solutions can also be used; they state that on-premises architecture presents some benefits in terms of Security. Your seller thinks such a change is ok.

11. Your team believes saying YES to every prospect’s request is key to success.

You are proud of your business background and have been raised with the saying, “Customer is always right.” So if the prospect or customer is asking for something your company can’t deliver, then it’s not your fault. You feel a very positive and contributing member of the company and decide to send the prospect’s requests to marketing and a few more people in management as something the company needs to solve to address your market.

12. You have taken the free “Introduction to MEDDIC” course and consider you had a MEDDPICC training and learned MEDDIC.

You learned all about MEDDIC. It’s done. Over! Just another sales methodology. You are proud to know what the MEDDIC acronym stands for. It’s not that bad, but most of it doesn’t apply to your business anyway. Now let’s get back to the good old habits.

If you are an individual contributor experiencing any of the above symptoms, you need to take the Advanced MEDDPICC training course.

If you are a sales leader and see these symptoms in your team members, please reach out to discuss your MEDDPICC training.

Posted on April 2, 2022 in Management, MEDDIC, Sales, Sales Methodologies, Sales Training

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