AI Produced Wine, Château MEDDIC™, Helps Sellers Learn MEDDPICC® Faster

Chateau MEDDIC
Legal Disclaimer: Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health (read more). Château MEDDIC™ is not affiliated with Château MÉDOC .

At MEDDIC Academy, our mission is to make Enterprise Sales easy and accessible to all. Since our inception five years ago, we have constantly been innovating with modern ways to learn:

  • Multimedia: Videos/Audio
  • Book (Always Be Qualifying)
  • Sample letters
  • Quiz
  • Live Virtual Workshops (vILT)
  • Live in-person workshops
  • Bite-sized eLearning
  • Deal Review and collective coaching Sessions
  • Blended Learning
  • And more…
Chateau MEDDIC
Cheese plateau, olives and bread not included.

But any piece of learning material’s usefulness derives, to a depressing degree, from the user’s cognitive ability. That’s why we’re pleased to announce, in par with the world-famous Château MEDOC, our disruptive, game-changing, killer product, new wine: Château MEDDIC™, a kind of “smart drink” designed to maximize your learning abilities by making you more intelligent, and less confused.

Chateau MEDDIC
Strawberries not included

Think fruity. Think relaxed, Think happy.

Think a DNA scanner embedded in the lip of your bottle reading all 5 hours of Advanced MEDDPICC® in a fraction of a second, fine-tuning your unique hormonal cocktail in real-time using our patented Chateau MEDDIC™ production process, and slamming a truckload of electrolytic neurotransmitter smart-drug stimulants past the blood-brain barrier to achieve maximum optimization of your soon-to-be-grateful cerebral cortex. 

Chateau MEDDIC

Plus, it’s low in carbs! The original flavor, the red variant (to sip with Advanced MEDDPICC®), is expected to be the most popular. It’s produced in Temecula Domains near our World Headquarters in Orange County, California, where the juicy grape DNA was initially imported from MEDOC near Bordeaux, France. Starters may try the white variant (to sip with Full MEDDPICC®), and managers can taste the rose variants produced in our other Château MEDDIC™s in Napa and Sonoma (to sip with MEDDPICC for Managers®). The rose variant includes specific grapes to fast-develop leadership skills. With all these options, you’ll never run out of ways to quench your thirst for knowledge.

Château MEDDIC™ for Corporations and Enterprise Clients

Chateau MEDDIC
Enterprise Edition comes in a box in pack of 15

If you are a Sales Leader who wants to make their sellers intelligent, we got your back. We are simultaneously introducing “packs” for Enterprise purchases starting at 15 bottles.

Château MEDDIC™ for onboarding new hires

We help you onboard your new sellers, who barely joined the company can join the gang. That’s how you build teams, right? We keep the bottles in our smart cellar, always at 16°F, take them out, package them safely, and make sure your new hire can sip them with same-day shipping (if Megan and Kristen are not too busy, of course).

Chateau MEDDIC

Does Château MEDDIC™ make the trainers smart too?

Of course. We have thought of everything you could imagine. Trainers’ bottles come in an exceptional golden packaging, on par with the super high price they pay (oh yeah). They sip their wine while taking the certification exam included in their MEDDPICC for Trainers package, and the results are just magic.

Chateau MEDDIC

Where to get Château MEDDIC™?

You can pick up your own supply of this “limited release” product simply by turning in an empty Château MEDDIC™ bottle at any winery across the country. How to get one? Well, if you know someone who’s already been drunk by Chateau Owners, they can give you one. And if you don’t know anyone who can give you one, don’t worry – that just means you aren’t cool. But very, very (very!) soon, you will be.

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