MEDDIC The Book, Coming Soon!

Meddic the book

I’m excited to announce the arrival of my new book. No surprise! Of course it’s about sales qualification. ALWAYS BE QUALIFYING. You are welcome to call it MEDDIC-The-Book. More on it later. For now, sign up to get on the list to be notified.

First Ever Book Written About The MEDDIC Sales Methodology

Do you want to get notified when we launch and enjoy the special ? Just sign-up below and stay tuned.

Registration closed. The book is out. Grab your copy here.



Posted on June 8, 2020 in Leadership, Management, MEDDIC, Sales, sales enablement, Sales Management, Sales Methodologies, Sales Training

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Darius Lahoutifard, founder of MEDDIC Academy is a Serial Entrepreneur and a former Executive at PTC and Oracle among other software companies. His latest company was Business Hangouts, a Google G Suite live broadcasting app, with millions of users, acquired within 3 years. He is interested and writes about entrepreneurship, startups, technology, enterprise software, SaaS, Sales Leadership, Management, Sales & Leadership Education including specifically the MEDDIC methodology, Marketing, Market Research and more.
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