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Decision Criteria are one of the most important concepts of MEDDIC and sales qualification. Deals are often won or lost at the time the Decision Criteria are defined and written.

We have great news for both our existing premium subscribers and future subscribers. We have significantly updated the content of this mini course. This course is part of the Full MEDDIC Bundle as well as the Full MEDDIC Program.

What is new?

The new content still includes the previous concise (6 minutes) video describing the Decision Criteria and its importance in the MEDDIC framework. In addition to the previous content however , we have added a new video (21 minutes long). The new added content details different types of criteria through the Value Triangle . The new video teaches then how to act on them and includes examples.

After analyzing different types of criteria, participants learn how to execute on each of them in order to flatten the playing field or even incline it in their favor. MEDDIC is all about execution. It was important to provide what to do with each of these types of criteria.

To make it even more practical, there is a case study with specific examples. The analysis covers a partial list of customer’s criteria. Then for each of them, we suggest one or more sales actions in order to help win the deal. We then provide a few tips to show how to influence the decision criteria to win. Finally there are a couple suggested elements of decision criteria to be added to the list, in order to leverage our unique differentiatiors.

How to get it?

If you are a premium subscriber to the course or to any of the bundles, you have nothing to pay. Just sign into your account and retake the DECISION CRITERIA course in your dashboard.

Enjoy the new content and please let us know how you like it.

Posted on April 10, 2020 in MEDDIC, Sales, sales enablement, Sales Training

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