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Special Coronavirus Measures To Keep Learning

Coronavirus Meddic

We are now facing an exceptional situation due to the Coronavirus outbreak globally. Whether the precautions are justified and appropriate, or magnified and unnecessary, the fact is that it has already largely impacted the corporate business.

Markets have already lost 20% in a few weeks, due to the fear of the Coronavirus outbreak, losses and the consequent economic crisis. The end of this downward trend is not even predictable as I write this post.

Our clients, mostly larger tech companies, have largely recommended to their employees to work from home as much as possible. Conferences, Meetings, Sales Kickoffs and even QBRs are cancelled. Whenever possible they are made virtual.

At MEDDIC Academy we are seeing scheduled SKOs and in-person trainings cancelled while significantly more users take online courses. The existing trend has been accelerated in the past few days.

Special Rate

To support and help learners in this situation, we have created a special discount on all our courses. Use this link for a 25% off price on our MEDDIC Bundle and this one for our Full Program (courses plus live online workshop).

We will do our best to keep these rates as long as reasonable possible.

New Enterprise licenses are negotiated case by case.

Two Live Online Workshops per month

We will also schedule two live online workshops per month as the demand grows. The workshops are included in the Full Program. Subscribers receive invitation to join, the next session.

Please reach out and let us know if there is anything else we should do to help.

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