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Learn MEDDIC With The Feynman Technique

MEDDIC and Feynman ? Wow, what a combination!

Who was Richard Feynman?

Have you ever heard of The Feynman Technique for learning? It’s a technique to learn anything more efficiently and faster. It’s called after Professor Richard Feynman who was a Nobel Prize-winning physicist, inventor of the Feynman diagrams and the theory of positrons, popularizer of physics through books and lectures, and an all-around genius. He is often called “the great explainer” and is regarded as one of the greatest science teachers in modern history.

Pr. Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman, in his role as “The Great Explainer”, has developed a learning technique, now known as the Feynman Technique for learning, that you can learn here or here.

How To Learn MEDDIC With The Feynman Technique?

I have simplified his technique into a 6 step process and adapted it to learning MEDDIC for you. It’s perfectly applicable to learning MEDDIC (or to teaching MEDDIC to your team). Here it is:

1) Take the Full MEDDPICC or the Advanced MEDDPICC course

2) Get in front of a mirror and teach it to yourself in 15 minutes. A variant of this step 2 is to teach it to a college student, a sibling, an adult kid or any adult who has no experience in B-to-B or enterprise sales.

3) Notice the gaps in your explanation. If you are teaching yourself in front of the mirror, notice the areas where you are not comfortable with your explanation. Or that what you explain does not totally make sense. If you are teaching it to someone else, check if they understood. Ask them questions to verify. In most cases you will notice the gaps yourself.

4) Go back to the course, specifically to those sections that you have not learned yet, to better understand those gaps. This time you have less things to learn than the first time, so you focus just on the un-understood parts.

5) Repeat until you can teach MEDDPICC to someone else in 15 minutes easily and they get it.

6) Now review your past sales within the framework and recount them like stories. Tell stories of the deals you won recently while using the MEDDPICC vocabulary. Take a deal you lost and tell the story by describing different aspects of that sale:

Recount all this like a story, sharing it with a colleague or a friend. Do the same with the opportunities in your pipeline. Analyze these opportunities. Identify your champion and your EB. Review the pain and the metrics. Remember the DC and the DP. Now tell the story. Share your opportunity by telling it as a story. Tell more stories….

Give this method of learning a try and let me know what you think.

Enjoy learning, enjoy telling stories!

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