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MEDDIC is the most renowned Sales Qualification Methodology, applicable to any complex Enterprise Sales Process. MEDDIC may be referred to as the MEDDIC CHECKLIST, or MEDDICC, or even MEDDPICC. This page explains why and how to get MEDDIC Certified™.

MEDDIC was developed and practiced at PTC (Parametric Technology Corp.), a company recognized as one of the strongest sales cultures in the context of Enterprise Software (now SaaS). During the 1990s, PTC experienced over 40 quarters of continuous growth. Sales techniques, mainly MEDDIC, contributed strongly to that growth.

The Global Sales Management team at PTC developed different elements of MEDDIC in the field. Later, PTC trainers integrated these practices into a formal training for new hires. MEDDIC ACADEMY’s founder, Darius Lahoutifard, was a member of that initial international sales leadership team at PTC. He took PTC Southern Europe from $4M to $27M in 3 years, beating the main competitor, DASSAULT Systemes (NYSE Euronext:DSY) in their own fiefdom (France). He naturally contributed to the elaboration of MEDDIC and later practiced it in his career including his sales leadership roles at THINK3 and ORACLE as well as his own startups.

What it means to get MEDDIC Certified™?

Why should sales professionals be certified in MEDDIC?

The power of MEDDIC is in EXECUTION. Taking a course or reading a book can expose you to the concept. However, until you put these concepts into practice, you don’t have command of them.

The MEDDIC certification provides a way to assess and validate your Executive Knowledge of the MEDDIC approach.

The MEDDIC certification also provides you with a way to demonstrate your competency in this practice for employers and others.

Why should employers hire MEDDIC certified™ sales professionals?

The certification goes beyond assessing your knowledge of the theory of MEDDIC. It evaluates your ability to apply the process in real world scenarios and case studies.

The MEDDIC certification is a credential that signifies that someone truly understands and can apply MEDDIC in real world scenarios. In an interview, a candidate can talk about her or his knowledge of MEDDIC, but the MEDDIC certification provides third party validation of this knowledge.

How do I become MEDDIC certified™? How does the exam work?

The certification process which begins as soon as you pay through the link at the bottom of this page, includes two steps.

First, you complete an online exam. The exam consists of questions, case studies and scenarios. For each, you will be asked both multiple choice and open-ended questions to assess your ability to apply MEDDIC in a variety of sales situation. The written test requires less than an hour and can be completed online from any computer at any time.

Second, you will be interviewed by a MEDDIC expert. You will have a chance to comment your answers and to reply to additional questions asked by the interviewer on the cases exposed in the written test. You will also receive feedback on your written answers. Besides making sure your answers are well understood, the interview provides assurance that the person taking the test is the person that is being certified. The interview’s duration is about 30 minutes.

What course do I need for certification?

[UPDATE APRIL 2021] MEDDIC Academy’s MEDDPICC For Trainers is at this point the only program that allows you to get MEDDIC certified.

It is very important to note that taking the course and understanding 100% of the course will not guarantee your successful certification. You need field sales experience. Since it’s called certification, some people compare MEDDIC Certification to Microsoft Technical certification or even certifications such as CSM or PMP (Project Management Professional). The huge difference with MEDDIC Certification is that in those cases, anyone can take courses, and then take the exams and get certified. It’s very different in Sales though. You need to know how to execute. MEDDIC Certification exam checks not just your knowledge of the concept but also, through case studies, your experience. Its very hard to pass the exams successfully, just with the courses and without several years of Enterprise Field Sales experience.

What are the competencies assessed in the certification process?

The certification exam and interview will assess your ability to:

How long does MEDDIC Certification stay valid?

The certification is permanent. It’s a one-time qualification. You do not need to renew your certification.

How can I prove my certification and advertise it?

Once you have successfully completed certification, you will receive a verifiable digital certificate, permanently hosted on our servers, that you can share with employers and others.

** Starting the certification process and paying, means you have read, understood and approved MEDDIC Academy’s terms of service.

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