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Full MEDDIC Program Now Available Online

Until now, the Full MEDDIC program, composed of courses and a workshop, was only available in-person. But now you can do it all online!

The full MEDDIC bundle, our most popular service, is still available. It allows everyone from the comfort of the office or home, to enroll and learn MEDDIC. Many corporations subscribe to an Enterprise license with us to support their sales force effort in learning MEDDIC. Sales Enablement teams at the same Enterprise license clients also use these courses under agreement. Individual learners, who can enroll without having to wait for their employer’s readiness to organize a corporate training, are also widely using the courses online. They provide all the concepts behind MEDDIC, within hours.

Why The New Bundle?

After going through the full MEDDIC bundle, you learn all about MEDDIC. But you don’t necessarily know how to apply it in practice on a daily basis with your prospects. That’s where the workshop comes into the picture. The workshop is held in a multi-user video call session, with a limited number of participants. This allows everyone to have a great experience, close to in-person.

During the workshop, we go through some of the best practices, such as ways to access to the Economic Buyer or Identifying the Champion. More importantly, we practice how to articulate MEDDIC questions, those we ask prospects. During the live session, the group will collectively find the best questions to ask with the help of the facilitator.

While in the online courses you learn the WHAT and the WHY, in the Workshop you learn the How.

The Full MEDDIC Program is a package composed by the Full MEDDIC courses PLUS the Workshop. It’s the best of MEDDIC Academy, offered in one single package.

In-Person Program Available Online!

The Full MEDDIC Program is the same that we deliver during our in-person full day training and workshops.

It offers the same content and takes the participants through the same thought process, without the inconvenience of travels. It helps saving both cost and time.

Moreover it offers a more flexible agenda, since it allows you to take the courses at your pace.

[UPDATED May 2021] The multi-client multi-user workshops have been suspended for now. We will announce if/when we restart those workshops. Of course, workshops for a team all working at the same company are still available and can be purchased here. Links in this article have been replaced by the closest available package.

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