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Featured MEDDIC Certified™ Executives

We introduced the “Get MEDDIC Certified ™ ” program a few months ago. The test includes an interview (oral exam after written exam). In the process we come across some exceptional Sales Executives who have obtained a high score in written exam and stand out of the crowd in the interview. We believe they deserve recognition, and decided to start featuring them on this page.


Anthony Cross is a Franco-British Sales Executive based in Paris with 15+ years of experience in Enterprise Software. He has a Computer Science engineering background and has been in development, pre-sales and sales engineer management roles before moving to sales.

Anthony’s Linkedin profile

Why MEDDIC Certification ?

“I learnt half a dozen sales methodologies and MEDDIC is by far the most efficient because it is very pragmatic and you actually use it on your day-to-day job. 6 simple letters that you always have in mind and that help you qualify, prioritize and close deals much better.
The MEDDIC Academy training is excellent : thorough, straight to the point, and good explanations of the key things to do and to avoid. 30 minutes every day and you’re done in a week ! It’s also very beneficial to take the certification. You take your skills to the next level and the oral exam is a great learning experience by itself.”

Anthony Cross
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