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Announcing Live Online MEDDIC Workshops

Why Live Online MEDDIC Workshops?

You may wonder why Live Online MEDDIC Workshop? As you know, MEDDIC Academy is committed to make high-end exclusive Enterprise Sales methodologies accessible to a larger number of sales executives, including those individuals with a personal initiative and commitment to learn MEDDIC. Until now we have been successfully delivering trainings online, through MEDDIC Academy courses, but not workshops which were only delivered in-person. That is about to change with the Live Online MEDDIC Workshops that we have started delivering.

The first one is scheduled for Nov 8, 2019.

Please enroll in the Full MEDDIC bundle course, before going to the workshop, if you have not already taken it. The training is pre-requisite of the workshop.

While in the above courses you learn the concepts of MEDDIC (the WHAT and the WHY), in the Workshop you learn how to apply it in real sales (the How). We go through very practical exercises together as a group and come up with some of the best questions to ask prospects.

If you are a small team or an individual and you want to learn how to apply MEDDIC in a live interactive session with me where you can ask questions and where we work on exercises, then register now. You can now have access, not only to the same training that we offer to large companies such as Cisco, Microsoft or SalesForce but also the same custom workshop experience as the one we provide to Google, Netapp, SilverPeak and others.

8:00 am PST: Highlights of the MEDDIC training Live Interactive
8:30 am PST: Live Q&A on the training
9:00 am PST: Break
9:05 PST: Workshop (2 hours).

Learn More & REGISTER

See you in the workshop!

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