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MEDDIC Academy’s leadership knows Enterprise Sales since Enterprise Software exists. Thanks to our Sales Leadership experience gained at leading Enterprise software companies such as Oracle and PTC; we help you assess your sales force before training them through the most efficient sales training methods (see MEDDIC by Darius Lahoutifard), and coach them after the training for achieving the best performance.

In-Person or Virtual Workshops, Training, Coaching, or Deal Review sessions

We offer both virtual and in-person sessions.

Account Executives, Account Managers, Business Development reps, Sales Development Reps, Sales Engineers, Sales Consultants, Customer Success Reps/Managers, or any other customers facing or Sales Rep may join our live workshops, and they usually love these workshops. Really!


Customers say this is a great part of the program since they can interact with the facilitator, ask questions live, and learn very practical aspects of sales within the framework of MEDDIC / MEDDPICC.

Here’s one spontaneous reaction of one participant from a large global AI software company, who took it to LinkedIn, before even the end of the session, writing: “Your session today for my-company was one of the most valuable AHA moments I have had to date in my sales career – Cheers. Xxx.” 

In-Person Workshops

They can take place anywhere in the world. We come to your headquarters, your SKO, or QBR, whatever is convenient. Although the average number of participants is often around 40, we have had sessions from a handful of participants up to 160 attendees in the same room. Obviously, the level of engagement is very different based on the number of attendees.

Below are some of our souvenir pics taken during our workshops.

Las Vegas, NV

New York, NY

Denver, CO

Helsinki, Finland

Barcelona, Spain

Atlanta, GA

Paris, France

Denver, CO

London, UK

Chicago, IL

Cardiff, UK


Virtual Workshops

Virtual Workshops are privately held, dedicated to your company, on a webinar/video conferencing type platform such as Zoom. If there is another platform than Zoom in your company, we’ll adapt and run it in your team’s preferred environment. Participants are on audio and camera. The number of participants is limited to ensure the best interaction.

The workshop is highly interactive and requires participation from the audience. We will:

  1. Practice specific questions related to your solution to ask your prospects to get answers to elements of MEDDIC and MEDDPICC,
  2. Learn the importance of the exact formulation of the questions, 
  3. Go through some exercises which help with a deep understanding of MEDDIC or MEDDPICC: For instance, reviewing situations in a discovery call, identifying a potential champion in a meeting, etc…
  4. Go through some sales situations which help to apply MEDDIC and MEDDPICC to your opportunities,
  5. Brainstorm on some of your strengths,
  6. Find successful patterns,
  7. Build content (sort of playbook) that will be immediately usable from the moment you leave the workshop.

Important: Since this is not a course but a workshop to practice, the Advanced MEDDPICC course is a prerequisite for this workshop.

Online Sales Courses

If you prefer learning at your own pace, our MEDDIC ACADEMY platform is the solution for you. Our e-learning platform allows you or your teams to get trained immediately, individually, and at a reasonable cost, without waiting for the organization of a group training. It’s also obviously the solution for individual sales reps who want to get trained on MEDDIC in a personal growth and development initiative. We will be supporting more languages and more courses as we go to help you successfully train sales teams in Europe, in Asia, and in the United States.

Some of our initial courses include:
Introduction to MEDDIC & MEDDPICC
Individual courses for each of the MEDDIC and MEDDPICC elements
Full MEDDPICC package
How to create a quick ROI pitch (exclusive to M.A.)
How to Build Champions (exclusive to M.A.)
Handling Objections (exclusive to M.A.)
Saying “NO” (exclusive to M.A.)
Social Selling (exclusive to M.A.)

In-Person Trainings & Workshops

We have been delivering in-person training since the early 90s as Sales Leaders at PTC training our own teams and later as consultants. The eLearning platform at MEDDIC Academy was a pioneer when it launched in 2017. Thanks to our global culture and experience, we have successfully trained sales teams in Europe, Asia, and in the United States, forming coherent and homogeneous sales teams with the same unique global corporate approach while acting locally. 

Some of our in-person classes include:
Sales Teams Assessment
Design Your Sales Process (workshop)
MEDDIC (workshop)
How to create a quick ROI pitch
How to Build Champions
Handling Objections
Saying “NO”
Social Selling
Growth Hacking (workshop for Startups)

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