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The Word “sales” In The Job Title!

Sales Job Titles

Is Sales in your job title?

There are so many people who avoid the word “sales” in the job titles. They prefer Account Executive, Account Manager, business development, but not “sales”. If you are in sales and you are one of those people not liking the word “sales” you’re probably not done for this job!

Sales, the most noble job in any company

Sales should be considered as the most prestigious title in any company. Without sales nothing happens. During the history of human civilization, if you look back at how our civilizations were created and developed you’ll notice that sales had the first role. Sales role was at least as important as innovation itself because if you have a novel product or innovation and there is no one selling it to customers then nothing will happen. At the early days of the human civilization the Silk Road which connected Europe to China through Persia and India it was all about sales. People were selling their creations and their manufactured products and objects and services to each other. That’s how human beings civilization and development have taken place.

Sales is also crucial inside the company. In any company from the guy at the door up to the CEO, everyone is fed by sales. If not who is bringing in revenue into the company so that people can get their salary and compensation and go enjoy life with their family and go to holidays? Sales people are the hero inside any company because they are the ones who bring money into the company. Now that’s not all. Sales are also the hero at the customer; at least in the type of sales that we are developing and teaching at MEDDIC Academy. Sales people are solving problems at the customers. Sales people are reducing costs or increasing their revenue.

As a sales person, you are a hero in your company and viewed as such by the customer. So, be proud of what you’re doing. Be proud of your title. Loudly announce that you’re in sales and you’re selling.
Happy sales!

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