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SAY NO in Sales; Why? When? How?


Saying No is one of the most powerful tools in sales which is commonly and widely unused, misused or underused. Customer facing people naturally want to please the client or the prospect by saying yes. Saying No appears often as a statement which may trigger negative or unpleasant reaction from the prospect. That’s why most sales persons can’t SAY NO; they fear losing the prospect.

A New Course, Online & Offline, at MEDDIC Academy

Loyal to MEDDIC Academy‘s tradition of concise, practical, no-fluff mini courses, we designed a new course. With a constant focus on EXECUTION, the new course teaches us Why do we say no, when and how? Within a total duration of just 15 minutes, learners are taken through 12 slides including some examples and one quick case study.

Say No to Qualify and To Close

We distinguish two phases of the sales process where we say no: Qualification and Closing. For each phase, the reasons for saying no are described as well as the timing. Although in each phase we may say no to a prospect, we’ll not be pursuing the same goal.

Saying No in qualification is less unused than in closing. The course walks us through the assessment of Decision Criteria and Decision Process and why we may need to refuse a situation.

It gets more exciting when you Say No during the closing phase of a deal. That’s where SAY NO is the most unused, leading to deals slipping from one quarter to another.

Time Limited Offer for “Say No”

Excited with the launch of the new course, we offer a reduced price for a short period of time. Use this time-limited coupon “25percentoffsayno” at checkout. It gives you a 25% discount during the launch period.

Also, the first few minutes of the course can be watched here down below for free:

Like what you see?

Have fun saying no and winning deals 🙂


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