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MEDDIC for sales job seekers

If you are looking for a new job in sales, you should learn MEDDIC. No, not because we are MEDDIC Academy, you should do so because it’s a must for many sales jobs. Here’s why:

10 out of top 10 Enterprise Tech companies use MEDDIC

They use MEDDIC as a sales methodology. Those companies are:

Impressive, right? No surprise though. MEDDIC is the most popular sales qualification methodology and qualification is the most rewarding part of a sales process. By the way, the list above is not meant to be the result of a rigorous market study, since the exact scope of “top” is not defined. For instance, not all revenue of Google or Microsoft is in Enterprise (they have consumer revenue too). But the list is pretty much the top names with sales forces who need to deal with complex sales, long sales cycles and high annual contract value.

MEDDIC is trending

Check the search for MEDDIC on Google trends, and you can see, as shown below, that MEDDIC is 10 times more popular today than 5 years ago, with a clear acceleration thanks to MEDDIC Academy, which launched in 2018 and made it accessible and available online, for the first time.

Sales Job posts mention MEDDIC

If you look at the job posts for sales people, especially for high end positions, MEDDIC is now mentioned very often; either as a requirement or highly preferred. Here are some of those postings for sales jobs on Glassdoor , LinkedIn, or Indeed, with MEDDIC mentioned.

You get your money back in 2 days.

We all know that enterprise sales are rewarding, because of the value brought to the employer. Depending on your location (smaller cities, vs. tech hubs), and your position (freshly hired SDR, vs. Senior Account Executive), your annual gross OTE (on target earning) is probably in the range of $50k to $300k. Let’s take $100k annual gross compensation for the sake of this little ROI analysis. Assuming you take the Full Program bundle for $597, your payback period is about 2 days! Yes in just 2 days into the new job, you have your investment back.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest, and gets you the sales job at the dream company

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