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Get MEDDIC Certified

Get MEDDIC Certified by learning the most renowned sales methodology for Enterprise Technology sales and by being tested and certified on your skills. The table below is a summary of different levels of credentials that MEDDIC Academy students can take away from our school.


 Introduction to MEDDICFull MEDDPICC or Advanced MEDDPICC or MEDDPICC for ManagersMEDDIC Certified™
MEDDPICC for Trainers
CourseYes (mini course / 15 min)10-20 mini courses totaling 2-4 hours depending on the courseOnly within the MEDDPICC for trainers package
ExamsSelf controlled QuizNo Exams, only Self controlled QuizTime controlled Exam verified by MEDDIC Academy
Visibility on LinkedInBasicAdvancedAdvanced
CredentialsNo Certificate (only the LinkedIn Alumni)Certificate of Completion MEDDIC Certified™
What does it meanThe person has a beginner’s understanding of MEDDIC but does not necessarily know how to applyThe person has spent over a few hours attending MEDDPICC courses and learned the concept and techniques in detailThe person has learned full MEDDPICC and has been tested. MEDDIC Academy certifies that they have the MEDDIC sales skills
Credentials Officially Verifiable by Trusted 3rd partyNoneCertificate of Course Completion: verifiable Authenticated certificate through a permanent URL on MEDDIC Academy websiteFull Certification: verifiable Authenticated certificate through a permanent URL on MEDDIC Academy website
PriceFreeSee PricingSee Pricing


Based on your goals and objectives, you can use our services, just to learn, or just to get certified or both.

The introduction course, which is free of charge at this point (not sure how long we’ll offer this valuable course free of charge), allows you to learn the fundamentals of MEDDIC for free and decide whether you want to learn further, how to apply MEDDIC in practice and take the full course.

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