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New Course: Effective Strategies For Time Management

Time Management

Strategies for Peak Productivity: The Synchronicity of Time Management

At MEDDIC Academy, we’re obsessed with sales productivity, and time management is a key part of it.

So far, we have dealt with the most complex and most challenging part of sales productivity by leveraging the importance of QUALIFICATION. The book, Always Be Qualifying, became an Amazon Best Seller just because the challenge is real.

However, something even more fundamental can contribute to our productivity, and that’s managing our time better.

Time management is not only crucial for high-end B2B complex sales persons but also literally every professional.

I’m excited to announce this course, developed and presented by Ken Lodi, a former Franklin Covey sales trainer with a fantastic talent for delivering such a message.

Watch the introduction video by Ken Lodi here:

Engage in the conversation about the course on LinkedIn here.

Through the course “Effective Time Management Strategies,” you’ll learn

If time isn’t properly managed, nothing else can be managed! This program addresses peak productivity for the modern age and changing work cultures through time management. Additionally, you’ll discover the science behind your cognitive ability, and recognize when and where you do your best work because how you feel affects how you function. You’ll learn about the current research for today’s world, which includes working from home, virtual collaboration, and flextime. It’s a game-changer that results in measurable increases in your productivity and work-life balance.

Why are these skills essential? Because when you feel overwhelmed, you get stuck in the mire of indecision and self-doubt; when you experience feelings of control, it leads to faster progress, which builds confidence and satisfaction. You don’t need to feel like you’re trying to herd cats when attempting to manage everything. Once you have the proper mindset and skill sets, you achieve the focus and confidence you need to truly excel.

This time management course takes a holistic approach that addresses all the moving parts that contribute to peak productivity because sustaining your progress involves much more than simply keeping a list and attempting to work faster. As they say in billiards, you’ve got to consider the table, not just the pocket.

Learn more about the course here.

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