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What MEDDIC Academy Clients say

These logos and MEDDIC customer testimonials are not just from companies using the MEDDIC Sales Methodology, but only and specifically from those companies who received paid services from MEDDIC Academy.


N.B. All of the quoted MEDDIC customer testimonials below are authenticated by their authors and can be seen on Darius Lahoutifard’s LinkedIn profile under “Recommendations”.

We were totally familiar with MEDDIC, and needed the right partner to deploy it.

  • Energetically empowering and relentlessly helpful, Darius is a pleasure to work with. Together with our sales leadership, we needed a new, coherent, comprehensive and scalable framework for our global sales force. As ex-PTCs, totally familiar with MEDDIC, we had a clear idea of how we wanted to deploy the methodology at IHS Markit. We also needed a blended formula, not just a facilitator talking. We wanted to avoid the old school training which fades away within days after the training, no matter how great the speaker is; a solution that would teach and support the team in the long run. After 6 months I can now affirm everything went as expected, and we even extended the platform to our channel partners. Darius and MEDDIC Academy under-promised and over-delivered.

    — Ken Honroth, Senior Vice President & General Manager at S&P Global —

Energetic, Articulate, Passionate and clearly a Guru

  • I was familiar with MEDDIC sales methodology but I didn’t know Darius personally until two months ago. I met Darius during our vendor selection process. Darius was energetic, articulate, passionate and clearly a guru on sales qualification using MEDDIC. This was supported by his impressive business results as a sales leader. He practices what he preaches and it was clear he applied MEDDIC during our buying / his sales process.

    LogRhythm sales leadership decided to entrust our sales force to Darius for our annual SKO and the complete training program from MEDDIC Academy. Feedback was incredibly positive from the sales teams. His blended learning program allowed our global teams, including senior RSMs, RSDs and SEs, to stay engaged and to map the reality of their daily customer interactions with the concepts of MEDDPICC. I can already see this in action and I truly believe this will deliver impressive results. Thoroughly recommend Darius and MEDDICC Academy.

    — Kev Eley,  Vice President of Sales at LogRhythm —

It's game changing!

  • We just finished the full program from MEDDIC Academy with our entire sales & marketing teams; MEDDPICC eLearning + Live workshops + Collective Deal Reviews. Despite the challenges related to the wide range of our solutions, Darius managed to take the team through a highly invaluable experience with a 100% practical approach applicable to all our markets. Every nugget learned is accompanied by a story from his experience, making the point clear, easily relatable, and memorized. The feedback from my teams is excellent. Within hours after the workshop, several AEs and RDs applied MEDDPICC to their ongoing opportunities and listed their next action items in their account plans. They embraced the methodology immediately. It’s game-changing.

    — Drew Hilles, Senior Vice President at Veritone —

The only blended learning platform

  • If you are looking for a comprehensive MEDDIC training, Darius offers the only online, in person and customized MEDDIC curriculum available today. I looked at several options for MEDDIC training and MEDDIC Academy was the only blended learning solution that offered on demand (and even multi-lingual) options.

    — Debra Enander, Head of Sales Enablement at Cisco —

2000 sellers trained, by our 20 sales enablement managers who were trained and certified at MEDDIC Academy

  • We improved win rate, forecast accuracy, customer relevance, and a lot more. Adoption within weeks with initial results within a month. Full testimonial video here.

    — Bob Corson, Sr. Director, Global Sales Enablement at FORTINET —

An Effective Sales Training At A Reasonable Price

  • MEDDIC Academy offers a series of online MEDDIC courses your teams can use and leverage. These are all taught by Darius and are usually recorded in front of an audience, which makes them more authentic to watch. Rather than 3 days of training or many long virtual sessions, the course is a few hours plus options, that can be watched as on-demand with tracking for enablement.

    He also uses common sense sales language and examples the field understands instead of trying to teach a ton of custom terminology. We also provided the field with a copy of Darius’ book, “Always Be Qualifying” which is filled with great sales examples and even more detail. Finally, we paired this up with a live virtual workshop with Darius for both reps and then sales managers, which helped reinforce it. The final benefit of MEDDIC Academy is its effectiveness and its reasonable price point, which is a rarity for sales training. Others talk of creating custom training but really rehash existing plans and decks. Darius’ workshops are custom, but the methodology is consistent as it should be!

    — Ron Totah, Sr. Director, Global Sales Enablement at Couchbase —

Empowered Sales Force

  • Darius killed it with a +100 post-training NPS survey score. (Net Promoter Score). The in-person training & workshops that we had with him, involved our whole sales force including AEs, SDRs, CS and the Management during a full day. The team appreciated a very practical, sharp and organized program which involved each and everyone present, without leaving anyone behind. Multiple case studies, all based on his personal experience, made his stories credible and rich in a way that everyone could relate and feel empowered to apply the techniques. I highly recommend Darius as a speaker, an educator, and a mentor able to deliver complex high end content in an easy-to-understand and fun way. He makes complex business methodologies accessible to all!

    — Nicolas Bustamante, CEO / DOCTRINE, Lawyers' Search Engine —

Refreshed MEDDIC by Darius

  • We called on Darius and the MEDDIC Academy for our Sales Kick-off this earlier this year (2020) and we clearly got value out of this. We have used MEDDIC as a tool prior but given a lot of new individuals we had a need to align everyone around a common language for quality of our sales funnel. Everyone was enrolled in the on-line classes by the MEDDIC Academy and Darius performed workshops during 4-5 hours in our in-person meeting in California. I am really pleased with how Darius performed all this and I am sure this will convert to business for us. I would recommend any sales team to use Darius and Meddic Academy to improve quality of sales.

    — Göran Malmberg, CEO / Mentice —

Common language in the entire sales force

  • Darius’ training on the MEDDIC method has helped us institute a systematic and consistent process for gathering key metrics developed specifically for our company’s needs. Furthermore, our entire organization is now able to speak and report in one common sales language which did not exist previously.

    — Peter Miele, Vice President of Sales at SurePrep —

Delivered A Global/International Message

  • Darius was able to articulate several key challenges in the MEDDIC process and Champion building which are applicable globally. This really helped ours sales teams get unified in our process and communications. The engagement with the sales team was fantastic which was a strong confirmation that they got it and were ready to adopt a better way to approach selling. The feedback from the team after the event was great and there is no doubt that his actions directly impacted that year’s sales results. I highly recommend Darius.

    — Ed Williams, CEO / BRNI, now Autodesk —

Revenue Increased By 200%

  • We wanted a sales intervention around MEDDIC to be carried out to evaluate gaps in our sales processes. After evaluating multiple options we engaged with Darius and it was a wonderful experience. His analysis of gaps and recommendations was sharp and actionable. We implemented some of these and the result is that 12 months out, our monthly revenue is 3x of what it was 12 months back.

    — Rajeev Agrawal, CEO, Innoviti Payment Solutions —

Professional Online Course

  • I thoroughly enjoyed my Online training with MEDDIC Academy. The online training was professionally delivered with real-world examples given throughout. Darius provided good support when needed. The additional courses gave me further enhancement of sales skills, which have armed me with valuable knowledge to take into the field. I would recommend MEDDIC Academy to anyone in enterprise sales, wishing to reach the next level and shorten their sales cycle, plus increase deal value whilst delivering more value to the client.

    — Steve Evangelou, Regional Sales Director, Lookout, London, UK —

Very Useful Training

  • Thanks to their solid experience, their incredible sales track record as Sales and Sales Director, MEDDIC Academy has the ability to make their training very useful from the second you finish the session. Darius’ training approach is based on interactions, real case studies and a very clear methodology which has demonstrated very strong results. I highly recommend Darius and MEDDIC Academy!

    — Julian Chicha, Regional Sales Director, Sungard/FIS —

Learning How Deals Happen

  • Darius taught us an efficient sales methodology, made credible with real case studies based on his strong experience in sales and management, and immediately usable every day. His sessions are more than just sales lessons: he makes us reflect on how connections and deals happen in a simple yet deep way. I highly recommend MEDDIC Academy.

    — Yohann Assoune, Head of Sales, Also Group —

Strong Message Delivered During Sales Kick Off

  • We connected with Darius to support our annual kick off meeting with a challenge to introduce the MEDDIC qualification methodology. Although the time was short, with only 2 x 4 hour sessions, Darius managed to articulate the message, and most importantly, he involved every person in the room. Our staff left the sessions with an important, new, view on the basic criteria of qualifying a sales opportunity from both a technical and commercial perspective. Darius’s experience and his ability to transmit the MEDDIC methodology into simple, logical steps based on actual scenarios, resulted in a significant step forward in our teams ability to approach sales opportunities in a far more structured manner. I can highly recommend Darius to deliver strategic methodologies in a form that is simple to follow, entertaining to experience, and of high value to any sales or technical organization.

    — Peter Moorhouse, VP Sales and Marketing, Ansys —

MEDDIC customer testimonials

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