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Challenging the Challenger Sale

Challenging The Challenger Sale

Challenging the Challenger Sale

What is The Challenger Sale?

The Challenger Sale is a great concept. It is described in a book with that name , brilliantly authored by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson. Before reading their book and being exposed to the concept, as a long time sales leader, I always considered that the best sales reps are those who appear smarter than the client; those who are able to take control of the sales calls through smart and relevant questions during the discovery phase, making the prospect want to listen to them and to their vision and ultimately to their solution. When I read the book I liked how the authors articulated and formalized my perception through years of sales management. For those of you who are not familiar with the book, I highly recommend you to read it but here’s the 5 lines elevator pitch:

The concept’s genesis is a study on Enterprise Sales people which shows that successful sellers apply the Challenger Model and are thus categorized as a type of seller; those who lead the conversation with the prospect (and ultimately the sales process), thanks to a strong understanding of the client’s business and their innovative perspectives of the client’s challenges. They teach, tailor and take control. Advocates of the Challenger Sale concept correlate successful sellers’ performance with their Challenger Sale approach.

Is The Challenger Sale a Sales Methodology?

I am a firm believer in the Challenger Sale approach, in the sense that successful sellers take control of the sales process, influence decision criteria, and lead the conversation. But let me be contrarian for a few minutes and challenge it as a sales methodology:

Again don’t get me wrong, the approach is brilliant. But the practical implementation of the approach as a methodology is challenging, long, expensive and not for every sales force in the Enterprise Sales world.

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Darius Lahoutifard

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